James J. Murray


Murder, Mayhem and Medicine

Murder -- Who doesn't like a good murder for intrigue and brain-teasing fun?

Mayhem --
 Murders create mayhem, but when the mayhem causes murder? Now that's fun.

Medicine -- What do drugs have to do with it? Everything if it's a novel by James J. Murray.





 Lethal Medicine

Jon Masters is a clinical pharmacist.  He and his wife Gwen own a chain of specialty pharmacies, but under that successful veneer Jon is a psychological mess.

His life implodes when he discovers that the investigational drug study he is managing is a sham.  Evidence found at a murder scene implicates him in an elaborate scheme to distribute a cheap, yet pharmaceutical quality, street drug cleverly disguised as the experimental drug.

The indictments mount and Jon fights back by rekindling his Special Forces past. With the help of a trusted friend, Ed Ochoa, Jon returns to the world of covert ops and cyber intelligence as he embarks on a quest through China and Mexico to prove his innocence. Racing against time before his life is ruined, Jon struggles to regain control as he uncovers a complex international conspiracy to redefine the nation’s recreational drug culture.

State of Illusion

While mourning both professional and personal losses suffered in the recent past, clinical pharmacist Jon Masters learns that his trusted friend and mentor, Dan Whitmore, has died. Although the police have ruled the death a suicide, Dan's wife, Sheila, insists that her husband was murdered and asks Jon to help prove that.  Pushing through his tremulous emotional state, Jon convinces the police to reopen the investigation.

As Jon retraces the last few hours of Dan’s life, he uncovers evidence that proves Dan was not only murdered but that he was involved in the distribution of counterfeit drugs.  Jon enlists the help of Ed Ochoa, a cyberspace guru and colleague from Jon’s Special Forces days, to learn why Dan was murdered.  Was it because he was part of the counterfeit scheme or because he was about to expose it?

This question leads Jon on a dangerous quest through India to determine the truth.  As he navigates the complexities of secondary drug wholesalers, where anything and everything can be bought for the right price, he uncovers illicit reverse pharmaceutical engineering and foreign patent infringements that threaten to flood the nation's drug delivery system with cheap knockoffs. 
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