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...the new kid on the block, the writer with fresh
adventures of murder and international intrigue


Where do I come from?

Originally from Louisiana, but now I live in South Texas.  Like most writers, I come from rich experiences that offer insight and depth into what I write.  I'm a clinical pharmacy specialist.  That means I know a lot about drugs: their origins, their therapeutic effects, their beneficial uses and even their misuses.  After years in direct patient care, I've recently freed myself from those responsibilities and now indulge in one of my other passions: Fiction Writing.

Why write fiction?
We're told that fiction is nothing more than a believable lie.  Basically, it's an untruth.  Good fiction, however, is taking that untruth and reshaping it into something that resembles reality.  I love reading good fiction, so now I write it.  I'll have done my job as a writer if after reading the last page of one of my stories you say, "Could that really have happened?"

When will my novels be available?
I'm working on that.  Each day gets me closer.  Like that half marathon I ran recently, I keep pushing the forward momentum and putting one foot in front of the other, or in this case I continue building my platform and putting one carefully chosen word behind another.  My debut novel, Lethal Medicine, is complete and polished.  State of Illusion is also finished and it's being edited at this time.  I'm querying agents and editors at present, searching for that perfect combination of representation and publishing.


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