James J. Murray



As a registered pharmacist with an advanced clinical degree, I managed clinical trials, guided intricate patient therapies and developed infusion pharmacies.  Pharmacy and medication management have been my profession and my passion. 

After holding positions in both the technical and administrative sides of the manufacturing industry and managing to bring a few products to market, I returned to patient care.  After a lengthy practice as an intravenous therapy specialist, I established a highly successful home infusion business that eventually became part of a national pharmacy organization. 

Drawing on that expertise and my infatuation with the lethal effects of pharmaceuticals, I began to indulge in another passion: Storytelling.  The idea of setting my creative mind free to imagine the sinister "what ifs" could no longer be contained. 

What if an investigational drug wasn’t really what it seemed?  What if the nation’s drug delivery system isn’t as protected as the FDA would have us think?  Pharmaceuticals are an integral part of the modern world, and news feeds confirm that they are often major components of crime.  That's fertile territory for the deadly trio of murder, mayhem and medicine. 

My wife and I live in South Texas but travel extensively to other countries.  Our travels provide insight into other cultures and become useful research for my writing.


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